• “Brain enthusiasts” in AI Safety

    TL;DR: If you’re a student of cognitive science or neuroscience and are wondering whether it can make sense to work in AI Safety, this guide is for you! (Spoiler alert: the answer is “mostly yes”).

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  • Book Review: How to Become A Straight-A Student

    his book is not worth it if you already know that pulling all-nighters and rereading notes and lecture slides is not an effective study technique and you are looking to the question of how to write higher grades at college. If you don’t, read this and be careful of the Swimmer’s Body Illusion. Otherwise, this book serves as a good example of a mental model on how to utilize books with titles like “How to become XY”, counting on anecdotal evidence.

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  • Personal knowledge management: Three pitfalls to avoid

    Many people, who regularly dabble into the “productivity sphere” have heard of the proclaimed benefits of starting a “second brain”, a “personal knowledge management system” (try saying this three times, and you will end up saying “knowledgement”) or a note-taking system. Here I will talk about the three main pitfalls somebody might fall into if they start their own second brain journey and how you can navigate them.

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